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You don't have to stay stuck!

If there is one thing I know for sure is that there are many intentional steps required when creating a results-oriented group program or course. It’s easy to get stuck in the process and as a result... stop making progress.

Even more unfortunate is when you get stuck on something and you NEVER move past it. All of the time, effort and creativity you put into the project is all for not because you can't get "unstuck". Your program or course (or parts of it), get shelved and never see the light of day.

It's usually at this point that content creators start to doubt what they're doing. They wonder if their big idea is really worth pursuing.  Fear sets in and time gets wasted wondering if they are doing the "right thing" for the design and implementation of their program or course. They wonder if there's a simpler way, or maybe just maybe they’re way off track and should just scrap it! 

Stop the insanity!This doesn't have to happen to you. Why? Because you have me, your lifeline.  

Not only do I know how to design content that inspires, engages, and motivates your students to complete your program or course, I'm also a virtual assistant and tech specialist all rolled into one.

I can help you with:

  • questions about your course/group program idea
  • feedback on your course/program outline
  • questions related to individual components of your curriculum
  • student engagement
  • course/program format and design
  • tech - course platforms, video, documents, email integration etc.
  • copy
  • feedback and evaluation
  • and more

So raise your hand and I'll send you a lifeline.

  • Gain a renewed sense of direction.
  • Reommit to your course or group program.
  • Have confidence in your plan to move forward.
  • Take action.

Get one step closer to flexibility, freedom, and finance in your coaching practice.

It's easy, and you'll be "unstuck" in no time.

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Get Unstuck

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One of the things I do best is give quick advice that gets people taking action. I am kind of a 'jack of all trades' as it relates to course creation, so hit me up with the things that have you stuck in your tracks.

A few minutes together could make all the difference! What are you waiting for?

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